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spermatocyte n : a male gametocyte that develops into four spermatids

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spermatocyte (plural spermatocytes)
  1. A male gametocyte, from which a spermatozoon develops.

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A spermatocyte is a male gametocyte which is derived from a spermatogonium. Initially in spermatogenesis, a spermatogonium divides by mitosis into two so-called primary spermatocytes. A primary spermatocyte is also diploid, and, in turn, gives place by meiosis to two secondary spermatocytes, which this time are haploid.

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Image:Testicle-histology-boar.jpg|Histological section through testicular parenchyma of a boar. 1 Lumen of Tubulus seminiferus contortus, 2 spermatids, 3 spermatocytes, 4 spermatogonia, 5 Sertoli cell, 6 Myofibroblasts, 7 Leydig cells, 8 capillaries
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